A Portrait of Rudi Dutschke

My poster depicts Rudi Dutschke, a compelling speaker and activist, considered by many to be the leader of the German student protest movement in the 60’s (hence his portrait is given centre stage). He only really came to the attention of the press towards the end of 1967, but from that point was closely followed, and I have included quotes from both Dutschke, the press and those who opposed him in my work here.

Writing these quotes alongside each other is a comment on the contention surrounding freedom of the press and a selection of big German newspapers at the time, namely the opposition to Springer. The contrast of red and blue is intended, with flames representing activism and the anger surrounding protest, and can also be read as an acknowledgment of the arson attacks in Frankfurt. The blue makes Dutschke a contrasting figure, blue and red signalling hot and cold, intended to demonstrate the physical and psychological repercussions which Dutschke had to learn to cope with following his pursuit by the press, and the assassination attempt by a right-wing extremist. The questions posed in the piece are free to the viewers own interpretation.

(Zoom in for all details)



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RD portrait.jpg

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