Krautrock: A Product of Revolution Lacking Responsibility?


Over the course of this module, I especially enjoying looking at how art and politics interact with each other, and at art as a form of protest. After reading about the protest methods of Kommune I, I thought it would be interesting to look at other artistic ways of protest. Having been a fan of 60s all my life, I was already a fan of the 60s protest songs of American and British bands such as the Doors and the Beatles. I’m also a fan of the German band Kraftwerk, and decided to look into whether they and other krautrock bands had connections with the Studentenbewegung in 1968 and the surrounding events. In spite of several close connections to the movement, I discovered that the majority of the bands weren’t really engaged in the politics of the time, something that I found slightly disappointing when comparing to the political activism of many American and British bands, and so decided to write a piece in the style of a review in order  to critique krautrock’s lack of political agenda.


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