Untitled (Collage)

In 1968, students took to the streets in Germany to protests against the authoritarian and fascist systems of government, the Vietnam war and the dominance of the Springer press, among other things. Fifty years later, the art of protest has remained largely unchanged, with activists still fighting in order to get their opinions heard and show opposition to the current government. The operation of these demonstrations and the way in which they are sometimes countered with repression and violent means has drawn many parallels with the activities of 1968. This has caused me to question: what impact did the student movement actually have upon society? If we are still advocating the same rights in modern times, can we truly say that the student movement was a success? This collage shows just some of the similarities between the protests in Germany from 1967/68 and the past couple of years in an attempt to convey a sense of the ineffectuality surrounding the student movement. In using images from both history and present day in black and white, it is harder to differentiate between the protest movements and thus the past and the present become more interlinked and distorted.

1601627 bigger

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