Memories of a Decade (Podcast)


‘Memories of a Decade’ hopes to gain a historical and personalised insight into the lives of the ‘68er’ generation. Whilst text books and academic papers are, of course, valuable, it has been a great, and indeed fascinating, pleasure to hear of people’s memories, as seen unfiltered, through their eyes. To slightly skew the proverb, music can also tell a thousand words. I’ve therefore added to my commentary complementary pieces of German music, from Haydn’s tempestuous, and appropriately named with regard to the topic, die Schöpfung and Schubert’s pensive Arpeggione Sonata to German classics and beer-hall favourites. In creating a podcast, I wanted to make an engaging programme, with an interesting structure, that whets the listener’s appetite, prompting them to go and explore topics further. It’s also been enjoyable to take a step back from the saturated online world of videos and images to create a radio programme with just music and voice. Although brief, the time limit has forced a succinct presentation and evaluation of what is only a mere drop in the certainly vast ocean of memories of the decade following ’68. 


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