Wer War Rudi Dutschke?

I decided to create a ‘magazine-style’ collage encapsulating the extremely divided opinions on Rudi Dutschke. I chose Rudi Dutschke as the focaliser of my piece as I saw an opportunity to play on the controversy surrounding him in Germany in 1968. The left-hand side of my collage reflects the public’s admiration for Rudi Dutschke, with the word ‘Held’ (hero) in bright block capitals to accentuate his ‘hero-like’ persona. I then incorporated quotes from German magazines and websites such as Der Spiegel, Planet Wissen, and Cicero. On the left-hand side I incorporated positive quotes about Rudi Dutschke such as “Rudi Dutschke war eine der charismatischsten Figuren der 1968er Studentenbewegung” (Planet Wissen) also touching on the way he was regarded by many in this era; “’Unser Rudi’ für tausende deutscher Studenten” (Der Spiegel). On the right-hand side of the collage, entitled ‘Scharlatan’ (fraud), I wanted to portray the juxtaposing opinions on Dutschke, once again incorporating quotes from magazines such as “’Antiautoritärer Anarchist’ für die Süddeutsche Zeitung” (Der Spiegel) and “Für die einen ist er Ekel, für die anderen Edel” (Der Spiegel). The red ‘tear’ in the middle of the canvas portrays just how paradoxical these conflicting opinions were.



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RD Held


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